Born and grew up in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). Before going to the University, used to live in a scenic village some 200 km south of Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine). There are some nice photographs from this place.

I have some hobbies that are more or, sometimes, rather less related to my profession. Among them: reading some books by Umberto Ecco, collecting old books (mostly in biology, but it is not essential)... Any questions? Please write me!

For the last few years I have mostly been living in Warsaw, Poland [clik here if you want to see where it is] and even got married here. There is a website (in Polish only) with some photographs documenting this event.
Interested whom I married? Go to see her website: She likes creating websites, so the Internet is full of her production. For example: is a site of her parents... There is some more, but I am not going to advertise them here...