Born and grew up in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), graduated from Biological Faculty of Cherkasy State University [clik here to find out, what is Cherkasy and where it is] holds an M.Sc in biology and chemistry as well as PhD in biology (parasitology).

After several years of post-graduate studies in the Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, successfully defended the PhD disertation ‘Cyclophillidean Cestodes of Terrestrial Birds in Ukraine’ (January 2001).
Since that time up to present, works as a researcher in the same Institute of Zoology, Department of Parasitology, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since 2003 up to now works also as assistant professor in Medical University of Warsaw, teaching medical biology and parasitology.

Ruslan's scientific interests include systematics, geographic distribution, host specifity and ultrastructure of cestodes in terrestrial birds. Current research activity is focused on creating Polish Parasitological Collection.